Department of General Services Open Bid Listing Report

Event ID Title Bid Due Contact Phone Category
0003081213 Aerial Rescue Platform 03/28/17 Thornton, Kevin 323-526-9265 Commodity
EV5322 Base Material, Miscellaneous, Crushed Rock/Sand 04/06/17 Medina, Martha M 213-928-9536 Commodity
EV-5393 Cones, Flashers, Traffic Safety 04/18/17 Curaming, Daisy 2139780812 Commodity
Easter Egg Hunt Jelly Beans 03/24/17 Lai, Frank 213.928.9535 Commodity
MOA-04012014 Emergency Response and Recovery Assistance Memorandum of Agreement 09/15/17 Yusilon, Melissa 213-928-9557 Commodity
Laboratory Supplies 03/24/17 Curaming, Daisy 2139780812 Commodity
EV5419 New Direct Replacement Toshiba Vertical AC Motor 04/05/17 Kamel, Sandra 310-648-5167 Commodity
Signage Lettering 03/24/17 Lai, Frank 213.928.9535 Commodity
Sound Level Meter 03/24/17 Lai, Frank 213.928.9535 Commodity
Underground Storage Tank Designated Operator 04/06/17 Appel, Michael 213-978-3786 Personal Services
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